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Energy conservation and environmental protection industry chain investment opportunities

Different from traditional industry,Energy conservation and environmental protection industry driven by national policies, laws, regulations and standards,The market scale is changed due to the national energy conservation and environmental protection goal。Countries have introduced"Article 10 the atmosphere"、"Article 10"、"Article 10"And a series of related policies and measures。.....

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    Sulfuric acid fluid system energy saving technology in industry [The technology vice President Zhang zhi4 courageously]

    Sulfuric acid industry is a basic category of chemical production,The system energy saving technology progress to promote chemical industry energy conservation is of great significance。Jia and energy conservation and environmental protection science and technology as a whole solution,From the Angle of the liquid and gas conveying system energy saving introduces the sulfuric acid industry in the process of fluid conveying energy saving methods and implementation steps,And focusing on water and air volume adjustment in detail in this paper,Finally, the energy saving equipment industry the latest sulfuric acid industry。...

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    The energy efficiency of industryEnergy Efficiency for Industry [David MalkaDavid·Marka]

    Based on the present stage most of the factories for energy management is more extensive,And in the Chinese government“Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in”The plan emphasizes the optimization of energy structure,Jia, science and technology industrial services overall solution,Introduces a set of solutions for industrial plants formulated,The scheme aims to improve energy efficiency of the factory,Create energy gain for the factory。...

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