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    Jiande chang sheng electric powerCapacitorCo., LTD is a company specializing in the productionElectric capacitorIn the factory,The main products are intermediate frequency electric capacitor、Super audio capacitorDc filter capacitorAnd small high frequencySeries resonance capacitor
    Our company is engaged in the electric capacitor research and development、Design、Production、Sales and service has been nearly a decade。

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 Dc filter capacitor
    Division I professional production and salesDc filter capacitor,The current produced by our companysDc filter capacitorHas been exported to overseas。
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·Domestic product capacitors ·Foreign product capacitors
·Dc filter capacitor ·Series resonance capacitor
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 The ground  The address:Zhejiang province jiande watchtower streets
         After the pond industrial park
 The electricity  Words:86-571-64736105
 Pass  The true:86-571-64736205
 Contacts:Mr. Tang 13968136742

 Jiande chang sheng power capacitor co., LTD Specializing in the production:Super audio capacitor,Dc filter capacitor,Series resonance capacitor The post office  Technical support:Network resources
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